Sunday, October 25, 2015

R.I.P. - Paula Haigh

Sad for us, but happy for Paula Haigh, that she passed away very peacefully on October 22, 2015, around 3:00a.m.  A few hours before, Paula announced to the nursing staff that she was going to die and she requested the Last Rites.  Immediately her priests were called and Father Joseph Pfeiffer, her long-time special friend, came to her assistance.  After Fr. Pfeiffer left her, in a very restful state, Paula asked to be put in a wheelchair and she traveled around the nursing home to say good-bye to all the friends she had made in her four-year stay at the Life Care Center.  She informed them that she was going to die very soon, which she did.  They loved and admired Paula, who was so caring and child-like even at the age of 89. 

Paula had pre-planned an immediate burial because she had no family and no money to plan for more.  The Sisters of Charity, at Nazareth, Ky., were special friends of Paula and they were most diligent in carrying out Paula's wishes even though they did not share her Traditional views.  Paula lived at Nazareth Retirement Village for over 20 years before she had to go to the nursing home due to severe congestive heart failure.  Paula is buried in the Sister's cemetery among many hundreds of holy nuns, a few clergy and lay people.  Father Pfeiffer was permitted to offer the Traditional Tridentine Requeim High Mass for her on the grounds near her burial place. 

It was a very beautiful burial day and it appeared that all the Elements which Paula constantly wrote about wanted to participate in her special day.  Paula was seriously ill, even gravely ill many times and we anticipated a very difficult and painful death.  But this was not the case.  God in His Love and Mercy for Paula provided the opposite.  He provided His Best Rewards for her faithfulness to His Truth.  A more detailed account of Paula's life and career will be provided in the future and all of her Creation Research is being recorded and preserved.  Her latest and most comprehensive work on Creation will be published in a few months -- God willing. 

May she rest now because she labored unceasingly, amid great sufferings while she was alive.