When He, the spirit of Truth is come, He will teach you all truth. (John 16:13)

I submit that this is the Deposit of Faith - the synthesis of all truth - that alone can confront, refute and replace the "synthesis of all Heresies" - that is evolutionary modernism, as described, defined and condemned by Pope St. Pius X in 1907 in his encyclical Pascendi and Syllabus Lamentabili. It was very early on - explicated by the Fathers and Doctors who wrote Treatises on the Six Days of Creation - the Hexaemera, from St. Augustine and St. Ambrose to St. Lawrence Brindisi and Suarez in the 17th century. The Deposit of Faith is there from the beginning at Pentecost - when the Holy Spirit - the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth, came and "deposited" - if one may speak so crudely of His Divine Action - all the truths of Faith and of Reason. For Truth is one and while the Truths of Faith transcend those of Reason - at the same time the Truths of Faith rest upon and perfect and fulfill the potentia obedientialis -- the potency or sufficient capacity for Faith that Reason by its natural structure possesses - having been given when God created mankind in Adam and Eve, in His own Image and Likeness. (Genesis 1:26-27)

This unity of truth also requires and attests to the absolute necessity for the literal truth of the Six Days as the first week of the world (Exodus 20) - not just of human history, but of all history, of the entire natural order. On Day One through Day Six, we have established for all time, the order of Creation - which guarantees the stability and immutability of the substantial forms, created on Days One, Three - Five and Six. When the forms were once established by God's transcendent - atemporal Act of Creation - the processes within those forms began to function - thereby initiating the Order of Generation. Plants, for example, once their substantial form was created on Day Three, then began the process of photosynthesis - continuing to this day. Chickens, created on Day Five - or Day Six, (it is for the biologists to determine) began to lay eggs and roosters to fertilize them to fulfill God's command to "Increase and multiply" - and so on.

The work of the Six Days was necessarily literal, you can see from Genesis One, God's Word is not denied or tampered with, as Scott Hahn and his predecessors and followers do, without impunity, which is to say, without terrible retribution, i.e., punishment, to follow.

Kyrie, Eleison!