Thursday, May 23, 2013

Factions In The Church Today

LIberal and Modernist                                    
Anti Deposit Of Fatih

National Catholic Reporter
and Ignatius Press

All are Evolutionist and Copernican
Also Teilhardian

EWTN - A mixed bag of Left and Right
Complicit by Silence

The Deposit of Faith

Necessarily includes the Truths of Faith
and of Reason
BecauseTruth is One
Supernatural Order of Divine Grace,
Builds Upon & Presupposes the Order of
Natural Order - The Order of Creation
Genesis One
Also Initiates the Order of Generation


Conservative, but mostly Copernican

Traditionalists, Lefevbrites
All For the Latin Mass
FSSP and the SSPX

Far Right
SSPV and Feeneyites,
also Sedevecantists

Traditionalists became deeply influenced
by evolutionary Modernism
Complicit by their Silence

Evolutionary Modernism today has replaced
the Natural Order, thus also distorting the
Supernatural Order

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