Monday, May 13, 2013

Attention Catholic Scientists - Part 2

But the scientists - very much need to do more studies of the inter-relations amongst the parts of the universe that are of the inanimate realm. What, for example, is the relation of the Earth's magnetic field with the so-called Higgs field? There is much too much isolation of the particles from their function in the real world - if any such function really exists!

Let me now quote some sentences from the Hirsch-Pas-Porod article in an effort to bring together my main points.

"Most elementary particles gain their mass by interacting with the ubiquitous Higgs field.... the long sought Higgs boson. That boson is the particle counterpart to the Higgs field, just as the photon is the counterpart to the electromagnetic field. (pg.43-44)

I suggest, and my Cosmology requires, that the electromagnetic spectrum, created on Day One of Creation Week, the first Week of the World, be the quantitative basis for all mass, and also for the qualitative properties of light, also based in the electromagnetic spectrum. All quantities are found in the quantities of the atomic structures, as recorded in the electromagnetic spectrum. The giver, or supplier - and also the controller and limiting factor for all quantities and qualities and the particles that are measured and manifest their qualities.....all these accidental activities by the secondary agencies created by God on Day One and given by God to His created Secondary Causes, Himself always remaining and in Act as the Primary Efficient and Final Cause of all things - all these accidental and secondary agencies, quantities and qualities, receive their power and character from the Substantial Form of the Body of the Universe. The Substantial Form, with its Co-Principle and Co-Cause - which is Prime Matter, performs for the entire universe - the same kind of function that the DNA molecule performs for the plant and animal kinds.

In this quote from Hirsch, Pas, and Porod, the scientists are rightly noting the distinct and real difference between quantitatively based matter and qualitatively based matter, between the atomic structures and the non-atomic photon-based light.  Here is a quotation from the authors - which plainly shows that their research is seeking something false.  They search for "pathways" by which things evolved to their present orderly state.  This is not only futile but ridiculous.  All of reality proclaims that things have been perfect in their forms from the beginning.  The processes observable now are the proper functions for each form.  In other words, each thing has a proper form with its own proper functions from the beginning.  Evolutionary pathways do not and never did exist.  Here is what Hirsch-Pas-Porod say: 
"All plausible explanations for the neutrino's meager masses point to unexplored realms of physics."  (p.44)
Comment:  Yes!  Exactly!  And that unexplored realm is the realm of Catholic Cosmology, which is governed by the Aristotelian-Thomistic Metaphysics and Theology. 
The authors continue:  "Yet one of those explanations, the seesaw mechanism, may also bear on the mystery of how matter came to reign over anti-matter - a triumph that enabled the formation of cosmic structure and ultimately, the development of life." (p.44) 
Comment:  With this so-called seesaw mechanism, the authors pass from reality into the realm of pure science-fiction. Life did not develop.  Living forms, the first of which were the plants, were directly created - as perfect and fully functional forms - just as described in Genesis 1:9-13.
Until scientists completely abandon searching for all such fictional pathways as are dictated by their false ideology, they will continue to invent ad hoc mechanisms and "explanations" - to deceive a gullible public, and cause many souls to lose their faith in God and in His Church. 
Kyrie, eleison!

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