Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Concerning April 2013 Issue of "The Remnant"

 The current (April 15) issue of the Remnant newspaper is so full of contradictions calling out for resolutions that it seems to this subscriber to attempt, even at the risk of being deemed presumptuous in the extreme, some kind of suggested resolution, will be a real act of charity—at least so intended.
This writer is 87 years old and resides in a nursing home due to multiple infirmities requiring all the usual big and little pharmaceutical and nursing ministrations not available to one living alone.
   However, despite the loss of my reference library, I still have at hand some necessary reference books, such as the Summa, and, mirabile dictu, my memory seems to retain the habit of principles which I feel obliged to share if and when the opportunity presents itself, such as the present issue of the Remnant.
I am sending these words to the wonderful friend who types them for the Blog (a most mysterious technological tool!) rather than to the Remnant Speaks forum because there, unfortunately, I have not hope of a hearing. And perhaps not much more from the Blog, but one does what one can!
   Dr. Edwin Tam of British Columbia, Canada, gives us what is perhaps the most common and also most firmly entrenched view of current evolutionary ideology’s predominance in the realm of the natural sciences that one could hope to find. And it is very well articulated.
   But it is based on lies! On what evidences do I say such a thing? On two bases: 1) that of empirical science, and 2) that of Faith, that is, based on Divine Revelation. Read 2 Peter, chapter 3) As for number 1, if Dr. Tam is not “willfully ignorant” then he must read the May issue of Acts and Facts plus, the most thorough RATE study of the Institute for Creation Research. These studies prove that the Earth cannot possibly be more than 10,000 years old! Add to this, for the age of the Universe, the landmark study of Thomas Barnes on the decline of the Earth’s magnetic field. The results of this study are incorporated and updated in Dr. John Morris’s book The Young Earth, available from ICR and in the monthly Acts and Facts.
   The men writing these books and articles are all highly credentialed scientists. I must add the work of Dr. Walt Brown whose periodically updated and encyclopedic book, In the Beginning, is a necessary supplement to the Flood geology of the men at ICR.
   It is one of the major crimes of omission committed by Catholics at least since the first decades of the twentieth century that they allow “ the faithful” to reduce Genesis 1-11 to Eastern myth, merely refined into allegory by Moses, when in reality, as St. Peter affirms, the Deluge of Noah’s time was a worldwide punishment with not only unmistakable effects in the Earth’s crust, but also in cosmic changes in our atmosphere and beyond.
   Start with The Genesis Flood by Whitcomb and Morris (1961) and now updated by Australian Andrew Snelling in a two-volume study of Earth’s Catastrophic Past.
   You see, authors like Dr. Tarn have an awful lot of homework to do before they can make amends for such mindless statements as those he makes in his letter. And yet, sad to say, it is probably quite representative. He might want to start with Dr. Morris’s book on the Grand Canyon. Please consult the ICR website and their publication. They are doing what Catholics should be doing. As a result of Catholic negligence and lack of Faith in Biblical inerrancy, these Protestant Creationist are so far advanced in a real Creation science, meaning empirical evidences for catastrophe in the fossil record—that Catholics will never be able to catch up, but will necessarily have simply to incorporate the real-time science as already discovered by these dedicated scientists, into our Catholic science supporting our metaphysics and philosophical theology.
   By the way, too, there is only one philosophy, if by this philosophy we mean to include metaphysics which gives us the basic principles absolutely necessary for all knowledge as certitude. Consult the works of Dominican Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange and lay Thomist par excellence Etienne Gilson.

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