Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fatima and Evolutionary Modernism

I have been praying to Our Blessed Lady for the last several years for light to see the connection between the heresy of evolutionary modernism and Her words at Fatima - especially those concerning the consecration of Russia and the conditional chastisements. We know that all of Our Lady's apparitions manifest the profound unity of the Proto-Evangelium of Genesis 3:15 with that of Apocalypse 12:1. She is always the Woman Clothed with the Sun - crowned with 12 stars - the moon under Her feet - and Her head crushing the head of the serpent - destroying all heresies! She has been appointed by her Son, God Himself, to be the primary enemy of Lucifer. She is the Queen of the Angels, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, whom he, Lucifer, refused to honor as Mother of the Incarnate Word. And so, he was cast down into Hell - which was created just for him and his followers. From thence, the eternal enmities of Genesis 3:15 - draw souls to each his own side, for heaven or for hell, and Lucifer lies in wait for that final battle and his own ultimate defeat. 
Because of their unitive connections with the Divine Revelation, Divine and Public - it seems certain and obvious that these revelations of Our Lady of Fatima to the three children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, must be something more than merely "private" revelations that we are free to disregard as not of divine Catholic faith. They are not on an equal footing, for example, of those of Anna Catherine Emmerich, or Maria Valtorta, or even of the Venerable Mary of Agreda, although the evangelization of the American Indians by this latter "Lady in Blue" was certainly public. But from Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531 to Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, the iconography is strikingly biblical: Sun, Moon, Stars, and the serpent crushed! As public as Holy Scripture!
But does this demonstrate a unitary connection with the evolutionary world view, and the consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart - a unity of Cause and Effect? I suggest, at least tentatively, for the present, and for your consideration, that certain causes in the evolutionary world view and its inherent - though essentially irrational - rationalism , are at least indirectly responsible for the denial of Our Lady's prerogatives due to Her Divine Maternity. That Mary was a virgin before, during and after the Birth of Christ - is given no definite note of theological certitude (see Ott, p.201-202), but it is certainly a dogma of tradition and the Ordinary Magisterium. However, I have met more than one Sister who was taught by the so-called "New Theology" - (and now New Evangelization??) that Mary suffered all the normal pains and blood-letting that were inflicted upon Eve as part of the punishment for her sin, (see Genesis 3:16). But this position would deny that Mary is the Second Eve - even as Our Lord is the Second Adam! And thus cancel out the whole of our Redemption! And astoundingly enough, in his homily at the Mass for his Inauguration as Pope, the new pontiff discussed at some length - the different types of protections that the great St. Joseph exercised as spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Among them was protecting Her at the time of Her "giving birth." This was an excellent opportunity for His Holiness as Supreme Teacher of the Church, to emphasize the divine prerogatives of Mary - stemming from Her Divine Maternity, particularly the miraculous nature of Christ's Birth, coming forth from Her virginal body as He came forth from the tomb at the resurrection. But Pope Francis missed this great opportunity. He simply said of Her "giving birth" - nothing else. I wept!
In a similar way, he mentioned all the other things that we, like St. Joseph, are called upon to protect - among them - "Creation." Another missed opportunity! And even worse, because it amounted to reducing the truly Creative Acts of God in the beginning of Time, during Six Literal Days, to - "the environment"?! Yes, this is what Creation now means: we must protect the environment because it is God's creation! This is truly a Green Pope! Our Divine Lord said, more than once, "Woe to you - when the world thinks well of you! - Pope Francis! The world, indeed, thinks well of you because you have made it so easy to be a "Christian" - that we have become indistinguishable from everyone else. If Pope Francis disbelieves in the perpetual virginity of Our Lady and the miraculous Birth of Our Lord, or only doubts it, I suggest this lack of Faith constitutes some kind of impediment to the fulfillment of Our Blessed Lady's Requests at Fatima. And all such disbeliefs are due to the Evolutionary Modernism that reduces all miracles and supernatural events to the merely human and natural. Pope Piux IX condemned this kind of reductionist of Faith to unbelief under the name of rationalism. (See this writer's Study of Modernism, The Power of Darkness, in type written pages.)
Neo-modernists get around this kind of rationalism by their concept of “Salvation History” taken from the document Dei Verbum of the Second Vatican Council. “Salvation History” is in direct violation of the 1925 Encyclical – Spiritus Paraclitus of Pope Benedict XV – which forbade the division of Holy Writ into primary and secondary meanings. "Salvation History" pretends to extract only the spiritual meaning which it considers primary, while the literal meaning is discarded when it does not fit the current evolutionary ideology, which is thoroughly rationalistic in the sense condemned by Pope Pius IX.
Given the demonstrable evolutionary modernism predominant in the Church today, it seems fair to ask: Do such prelates have the Faith necessary to fulfill Our Lady's Requests?

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