In order to avoid all types of Pantheism and New Age Monism and Gnosticism, it is necessary to emphasize the purely and strictly material-physical nature of the inanimate form of the Body of the Universe and the material-physical nature of the animate vegetative plant and sensitive animal "souls" or principles - especially as contrasting with the rational-spiritual-immortal human soul of man.
The modern physicist has always made a distinction between the material-physical "stuff" of its universe and light - just as Genesis One does. Today, the types of material forms are divided into Hadrons, (Fermions and Bosons) and Photons. Most recently, some physicists have gone back to the Aristotelian, Medieval distinction of continuous and/or discrete/particulate matter. Continous matter is the ultimate state of constituent matter, constituting the formerly termed "ether" or universal medium absolutely necessary for all beings in motion. Discrete, particulate matter consists of all the known atoms - their material and formal structures. I submit that what is known as the "electromagnetic spectrum", is the continuous medium in which and from which all the atomic forms take place. It is ordered, distributed and diffused throughout the Body of the Universe as the quantitative medium and basis of all atomic forms.
St. Thomas defines light as the quality - or a quality of the First sensible Body. Every word here is significant. First of all, does St. Thomas mean to single out light as a quality somehow separable, as well as distinct, from the quantitative constituency of all matter as corporeal and therefore measureable? Measureability, remember, is the essential criterion of the matter in any form. (There is no matter apart from form in existence. Matter, as apart from form, is a purely and merely logical entity, a mental abstraction that does not and cannot exist in reality.) Light is definitely measurable in relation to the quantitative degree of its intensity at any given time and/or place.
I suggest that the electro-magnetic spectrum as the quantitative constituency in all of its potentiality as the Prime Matter of the Universal Bodily Form, was simply dark until God said "Be light made!" (Gen.1:3) At that moment in time, the created spheres of the Universal Body began to rotate around the fixed central earth, and to cause the sequence of Night and Day, just as described in Genesis 1:3-5. This Evening and Morning, the First in all time, ended the Work of God that He did on Day One.
Modern science is extremely fragmented and compartmentalized. It is for the higher science of Metaphysics, with its integrative Principles, to supply what is lacking in the lower sciences. Here, what is needed, is the connection between matter as the principle of potency for form, and the qualitative nature of light as emanating from the constituent nature of the electromagnetic complex of quantitative relations. Since light is physical and not spiritual in itself, it must be measurable. And so it is. Its measurability needs to be described in greater detail. This greater detail will enhance the spiritual analogies of light with God, especially with the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who became Man and proclaimed Himself as the Light of the World.
The life principles of plants and animals, spoken of by St. Thomas and the Medievals as the vegetative or nutritive souls of plants and the sensitive souls of animals, are life principles or causes so immersed in the physical structures, as of the DNA, as to be themselves entirely and purely material. There is, therefore, no basis in true science and especially not in true theology, for any trace of Pantheism. God is present only by His infinite power to sustain all things in existence. This concurrence or concursus of God's Primary Causality and Governing Power over all things, precludes any trace of Pantheism or Neo-Gnosticism. The presence of God that we see manifested in the lives of the Saints stems from the Order of Divine Grace, the Supernatural Order of Grace received in Baptism and increased by the sacramental life of the Church as Her members grow in their union with God through the life of Divine Grace.
These are the Orders or Dimensions of Reality, within which, the modern physicist finds the formal object of his studies. There is also the entire Order of the Angelic Beings, purely spiritual substances of intellect and will. They are now divided into the good and the bad angels. I once did a lengthy study entitled: Fairyland is Hell and Magic is Demon Power, in which I investigated the influences of the occult powers or demonic presences - especially in children's literature. A more recent and more competent, objective study of this subject is that of Joan Carroll Cruz' Angels and Devils, (Tan, 1999). This is where the real Neo-Gnosticism and New Age Pantheism enter the modern world. Demonic, Luciferian influence, however, is much more extensive and pervasive than these labels would indicate. A better designation is that of Pope St. Pius the X, who emphasized Modernism as the "synthesis of all heresies." He described this pervasive evil in his encyclical Pascendi and his Syllabus Lamentabili, both in 1907.
He pointed to three false philosophies as the sources of modernism: Agnosticism, Immanentism, and Radical Evolutionism. It is this third one that I have worked to expose and the one that is most clearly manifest in modern life, that is dominated by the myth of pre-history and molecules to man, as well as by a de-humanizing and naturally destructive technology.
Traditionalists spend all their energies and material resources in exposing the evils of Vatican Council Two and its primary authors, the Masons and the Jews. All the while, they allow themselves, by their silence and often open espousal, to be deeply complicit in the evil influence of an evolutionary worldview that continues to corrupt the minds of all people subject to the modern cultural milieu by way of education and the media primarily . May God have mercy on us all!