Scott Hahn's "salvation history" is certainly one of the worst deviations from Sacred Tradition to be blamed on Vatican II. And yet, I have not yet seen it so blamed. On the contrary, this term, "salvation history", seems to have become the main way we are supposed to approach the bible. As Scott and Kimberly Hahn say on page 96 of Genesis to Jesus, “If we want to understand the bible, we need to understand its “plot.” That plot is salvation history, - the story of how God’s plan for human salvation unfolds in the course of human events!! Now it is time that Pope Pius XII in the Encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu, did encourage the use of “literary forms” in the study of scripture…but to reduce the bible as a whole to one literary form – that with a plot – even in quotes – seems to me a totally unwarranted assumption.
Next, completely skipping over creation, as if it had never happened, the Hahn’s briefly relate the incident of “The Emmaus Road”, in Luke 24. The third heading tells us that “The Mass: The Key to the Bible” is so because Our Lord’s words concerning Moses and the Prophets, reveal His Coming and His Mission. Now this leaves a terrible gap in the Hahn’s “story”, because it really assumes that there never really was an original State of Innocence lost by a really awful original sin on the part of two exceptionally gifted human beings, in fact, our First Parents.