Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Attention: Stephen Barr!

In your pamphlet, "Science and Religion: The Myth of Conflict", (Ignatius Press, 2011) – on page 50 –you acknowledge that the search for deeper laws must end somewhere in a“truly basic set of laws that govern all of physical reality.”
I suggest that you study the Thomistic Metaphysical concepts of substance and accident. The Body of the Universe, created on Day One of the first week of the world, contains in its Prime Matter and Substantial Form, inseparable entities, - all the laws that govern the totality of physical reality. This is our truly Catholic cosmology, and you have provided me with some much needed information. Now, what you need most is the real science of geocentricity- which you can easily find in Galileo was Wrong, the Church Was Right, by Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett –both credentialed scientists. In that monumental, two volume work –you will find ample proofs of Newton’s and Einstein’s laws of gravity, and why they don’t work, that is – why they really are fictions. You cannot have real science that contradicts Divine Revelation, Sacred Tradition, and the infallible Magisterium, as evolutionary processes do.

God spoke and things were. God commanded –and things came into existence, (Psalm 32). God created all things in the beginning – in Six Literal Days, just as Genesis narrates. And He created by a-temporal ACTS, not by evolutionary processes. Once created– substantial forms began to function – functional processes follow form – form must come first – no chicken – no egg!

The natural sciences study these processes. Their formal object is the substantial form. Thus,they need metaphysics. Rather, the formal objects of the natural sciences are the accidental forms of the created and then transmitted substantial forms. That’s why the natural scientist must know something of the higher science, - the metaphysics of the form he is studying. Thus, the botanist must know something of the plant’s substantial form – the zoologist of the animal’s and the human biologist of the substantial form of mankind – the human soul. There can be no such thing as a real materialist – who is at the same time a Catholic or a Christian scientist. Such a “scientist” would be a living –practicing LIE. The same, I believe, goes for a Catholic scientist who believes in evolution, and who denies the Divine Revelation of Genesis 1-11. His science cannot be true science,but is rather the false science of 1 Timothy 6:20. Also of 2 Tim.3:17 and 2 Tim.4:3-4. St. Paul was also a prophet.

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