Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Areas of Research

If and when Catholic scientists renounce the heresy of Evolutionary Modernism, and the errors it produces in the Natural Sciences, - those below metaphysics - there are at least two very fertile areas of research awaiting them. The boundary limits between the plant or "vegetative" soul - or vital principle - and those of the animal or sensitive "soul". Both of these kinds of being are material in their ultimate principles, and I submit that they are electrical in nature. It seems they must be so - of necessity - because the criterion of the physical, is that it can be measured. It is a quantity. All the other eight categories of accidents are based on some quantity. A second, most fertile area of research awaiting Catholic scientists, is the principle or principles of order governing the inanimate realm of the elements. Another name for these principles of order is physical laws. Many of these have been - and are - still in progress of being discovered. Such are the types of electron spin.

But there is needed... more general laws - that will unify the science of physics, along with chemistry. For this, the scientist must rise to a knowledge of Metaphysics. He might well begin, since the 2013 hurricane-tornado season is upon us, with a study of Blessed Hildegarde of Bingen's - 12 Cosmic Winds, in her Geocentric Universe. (See Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett, - GALILEO WAS WRONG - THE CHURCH WAS RIGHT - in Volume Two. These ultimate principles must also be, I submit, electrical in nature, because electricity is the least material of all physical-material causes. In all of the areas mentioned above, we are searching for the material-formal causes of the created beings, from the Universe itself - down to the virus, the bacteria, the fungus, the marine plankton - in all of their marvelous geometric variety!

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