Monday, February 17, 2014

Georg Hegel's Idea of Authority and The Current Exercise Thereof

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the Realist notion of Hierarchy from the Idealist's reduction of Hierarchy to a Dialectic. The reality of Hierarchical Grades of Perfection is manifested in Genesis One - the reality of Headship in Genesis 1:26 - and the fact that all Authority comes from God is based on our Lord's Words to Pilate in John 19:11. The Aristotelian-Thomistic view of Hierarchy is the perception of real, existential relations between really unequal beings. This perception of the Real does not attempt to "transcend" into a realm of "spirit" or "Being" - in which all individuals are absolutely equal. In St. Paul's world of Divine Grace, in which there is neither Jew nor Greek - nor bond nor free - nor male or female - but all are one in Christ - (Gal. 3:28) - the grades of natural perfection and imperfection, - the temporal-natural inequalities, are not cancelled out by the elevations of the soul by Divine Grace. St. Benedict Joseph Labre did not lose his natural, physical nastiness, nor did St. Joseph of Cupertino lose his natural stupidity by reason of the elevations of the soul in Grace.

Therefore, the Head of State, be he Emperor, King, Governor, President or Procurator, is a person invested with a certain kind and degree of real power and "nobility" - that no human power can erase - because such kinds and degrees of nobility are based in the Order of Creation, which all else presupposes. Patriarchy, despite all feminist lamentations to the contrary, is based immutably on Adam's Headship of the Human race and his dominion over all creatures below him. (Genesis 1:26). No human power can change this immutable, created establishment of Hierarchy. It is reflected in every human society, from the most backward and primitive, to the most advanced and technologically sophisticated. Hierarchy, as a principle of Reality, will manifest itself for good or for evil. It is for Good in the benign exercise of Monarchical Headship and lineage and for evil in the brutal dictatorship of tyrants. The Reality that Natural Hierarchy represents and reflects is ultimately found in the Degrees and Kinds of Being (existential) of the spiritual and corporeal world.

The beings closest to God in the Hierarchy are also those with the highest kind and degree of existence, (being). These are the Angels. And even within the Angelic Host, there are degrees of Being - from the highest Seraphim and Cherubim to the lowest Arch-Angels and Angels. On the same Day One that He created the Angelic Host, God also created the vast domain of the elements, unified in the entirely physical, inanimate, Substantial Body of the Universe. These elements constitute the very lowest kind and degree of Being - being "farthest" from God in the Hierarchy of Being - reaching from the lowest Earth to the Highest Heaven and from highest to lowest - example Jacobs ladder. And all in between the Orders of Being are beautifully, Hierarchically arranged from fungi, mold and insects - to reptile, to cat, dog, and horse, to crowning Man: Plant, Animal, Man, Vegetative, sensitive, rational. The Hierarchy defines Reality.

Unfortunately, from earliest times in the History of Philosophical thinking, there has been a tendency to disregard the stunning evidences of a Created Universe "out there" - quite apart from the perceiving human mind. (See the works of Etienne Gilson for the best accounts of this fascinating history.) It was the System of Immanuel Kant - (1724-1804) - and his later disciple Georg Hegel, (1770-1831), who definitively set the stage for today's exercise of Authority. The shift is radical. It is from Hierarchy to Dialectic. The concept of hierarchy is retained, but is "transcended" in favor of a radical, equalizing dialectic of the mind. True to Luther's emphasis on the individual, (See the works of Father Denis Fahey) - at the expense of the common good, Hegel pretends to recognize the superiority of the master and the inferiority of the servant, as having a basis in reality, but insists upon a fictional, natural transcendence of this created relationship, in favor of a radical equality of all individuals. This radical equality comes to be in a process of synthesis, wherein all things contribute equally to the perfection of the whole. This is the Utopian Ideal. Is it real? Is it ever really realized - even in heaven?

The Church, supported by the entire natural order, says no. The Kant-Hegel Idealism, stemming ultimately from Plato and his Myth of the Cave - is not a faithful representation of Reality. Therefore, an exercise of Authority, based on a Hegelian dialectic, rather than on real differences in kinds and degrees of Being, simply will not work. It is unreal. It is a fiction. It is a Utopian dream being played out on the stage of the world before the deluded audience in attendance. Such is the entire New World Order, including the Novus Ordo Missae. Is it valid? Does it even exist apart from the Theater of the unreal and the absurd? Not only does such Utopian Judeo-Masonic Planning attack the Truths of Faith - in a most blasphemous manner, it also mocks the real Order of Creation. As such, we can safely predict that its ultimate exposure will be terrible, indeed. Unhappy those who are part of its downfall - by their complicity in its mockery, and their failure to defend the Truths of Faith and of Reason in the Name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth. (Matt. 10:32-33, Luke 12: 8-12)

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