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The Third Secret of Fatima and The Second Vatican Council

There are two great truths that are deliberately suppressed by the Conciliar Church, that is, by the prelates who hold power in the Church today. There are only two years and ten months until January of 2017, which will usher in the year of the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions and prophecies at Fatima. In 1917 and again in 1929, Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. She also said that if Her requests were not heeded, certain dire consequences would follow, such as wars, famines and the annihilation of various nations. The children were shown a terrifying vision of Hell. This vision and the prophecies revealed constitute the 1st and 2nd parts of the now infamous Fatima Secret, the 3rd part of which was to be revealed no later than 1960. However, Pope John XXIII, who convened the 2nd Vatican Council, read the now famous or infamous 3rd Secret and refused to reveal it. That was in 1960, when Our Lady specifically requested, through Sister Lucy, that the 3rd part of the Secret be revealed.

Why did Pope John refuse to reveal this 3rd Secret? Speculations abound, of course, as to the nature of this 3rd Secret, and many, including myself, believe that it must have had something to do with the Second Vatican Council and its disastrous fruits. I submit - and I submit it to the judgment of Holy Mother Church, the One True Guardian and Teacher of the Truths necessary for salvation: I submit that in those merely 25 lines Our Blessed Lady, in Her Own Words, reported faithfully by Sister Lucy, spoke of an evil Council, in such a way as to indicate its nature being such as to destroy the stability, the certitude of Catholic dogma and/or doctrine. The Second Vatican Council has done just this, and Immanentism, because it was motivated, that is, informed in all of its documents, (the infamous ambiguities of agnosticism) - by that one principle doctrine of Modernism, which Pope St. Pius X identified as the false heretical - indeed "synthesis of all heresies" - "a law of evolution" - by which all things, including the Church in her hierarchical structure, Her Worship, (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and all Liturgy), Her doctrines, (e.g., omit Hell and Purgatory) Her Sacred Books, especially Genesis, and the Faith itself - all these things, according to the "law of evolution" - must change, even be in a constant state of change, e.g., Adaptation or die, i.e., go extinct. This is the goal of evolutionary Modernism, according to Paragraph 26 of the Encyclical Pascendi, and detailed even more in the Syllabus of Modernist Errors, Lamentabili.

But this condemnation of evolutionary Modernism, has been deliberately suppressed, because it exposes the heretical nature of all the documents of the 2nd Vatican Council - informed, as they are, by the false, Hegelian philosophy of Becoming and abandoning the Scholastic-Thomistic Philosophy of Being, with its immutable principles of existence and Essence, Act and Potency, Form and Matter, Substance and Accidents. This latter, with Aristotle's Nine Categories of Accidents, defines the formal objects of all the Natural Sciences, of which Thomistic Metaphysics is the highest and proximate support of Theology, which is properly, Sacra Doctrina, Sacred Doctrine directly based upon and rooted in the inspired and inerrant Word of God in Holy Scripture. These are the Truths that are suppressed: the Catholic Theology that is a synthesis of Truths based on a geocentric, geostatic cosmology, in which all truths of natural reason, including the Existence of God (the Five Ways of St. Thomas not yet superceded or surpassed) and His Creation of all things in Six Literal Days. All the senses of Scripture are based on the literal. Genesis, including all the books considered by Tradition as historical, are historical narratives of mankind's earliest history until the Flood, universal in extent and effect - see the Fossil Record!

In my latest papers, I have developed and proposed a Catholic Cosmology to replace the false Big-Bang Cosmology of the evolutionists and the atheists. But I am unable to obtain even "peer review" so air-tight is the evolutionary Box into which a Judeo-Masonic Cosmology has sealed the Catholic mind. This Judeo-Masonic "conspiracy" is "infallibly" committed to the Copernican-Darwinian synthesis of all Heresies. This is what one Traditionalist, writing in The Remnant, has termed the "ecumenical trench". Call it what you will, it is seeking to be united with that Synthesis of all Heresies that is the Copernican-Darwinian evolutionary "world view". The only alternative is the Synthesis of all Truths, natural and supernatural, that has been given only to St. Peter, with His Power of the Keys, as Head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Only this One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has been commanded by Christ to Guard and to Teach the Truths of Faith and of Reason. See the Oath Against Modernism, suppressed by Paul VI, along with the Index of Forbidden Books.

We have lost more than I fear we will ever be able to recover. There is so much apathy, and it leads to the Great Apostasy of 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, warning us of the coming of the Anti-Christ, preceded by a gradual falling away from the Faith due to an operation of Error, sent by God, into the minds of those who do not love and seek the Truth, but would rather believe and/or allow the lies of a false science (Cf. 1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Tim: 3:7, 2 Tim 4:3-4) to flourish and to corrupt the minds of children constantly exposed to the omnipresent mass media. Beware the Neo-Scholastic textbooks and Manuals that justify a constant, substantial change by making the elements of the Periodic Table to be substances, that is, Substantial Forms, instead of accidental forms of the Body of the Universe - inanimate in their natural state, but also, accidental forms of the living, substantial forms - the bara-min of Genesis One - of the plants, animals, and the one man-kind, by participation. The stability of these fixed Substantial Forms is guaranteed by verses 1-3 of Genesis 2: God finished His work of creating at the end of the First Week of the World. During that first week, He set the pattern of the Day, the Week, the Month and the Year for all Time. This is the Order of Creation preserved in the Order of Generation, wherein all Substantial Forms transmit their Substantial Forms by reproduction and in man's case, by procreation with God - Who alone can infuse the rational, immortal soul. But there is NO Substantial change. The gametes, the reproductive cells in all living forms, are accidental forms of the living, substantial form. Only when the individual of the species or genus or family, etc. dies is there a substantial change.

All processes in all forms, inanimate and animate, all processes are accidental, because the changes effected belong to one or more of the Nine categories of accidents. There is substantial change - only - when the individual of the species dies. The one great and grand exception to this natural rule, rather LAW, is the substantial change that takes place by the miracle of Transubstantiation. This is the only Substantial change that issues in, or is accompanied by life - instead of death - for those who receive Him worthily.

Kyrie, Eleison.

The Book of Genesis, especially the first three chapters, constitute the immutable Order of Creation, and prefigure the Order of the Incarnation in Adam before the creation of Eve. After the deception of Eve by Lucifer and the seduction of Adam by Eve, we find prefigured, the Second Adam and the Second Eve in Genesis 3:15, wherein are established the Eternal Enmities and in Gen.3:16, all the prerogatives of Mary: Her Immaculate Conception, Her Assumption (She did not die), Her miraculous Birthing of Jesus, with no pain or blood, etc. All these Truths of Faith and of Reason are suppressed in order to accommodate that Modernist Synthesis of all Heresies, which is the driving force, the informing spirit and the letter of the Second Vatican Council.

If Traditionalists could unite against the Copernican-Darwinian Synthesis of all Heresies, by replacing it with the Catholic, Geocentric - Six Day Cosmology of Genesis and the Heaemera of the Fathers, building up again a synthesis of all the Truths of Natural Reason and of Faith, we will have won the Great War, and not just the Peripheral brush fires. For even there will not go out as long as the Main Offices of the Vatican - and the Power of the Keys - are in other hands: minds and hearts willing and ready to consecrate Russia and convene the real 2nd Vatican Council - condemning the Errors of Modernism and restoring true Science!

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