Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Challenge from Paula

The Six Days and Irreducible Complexity


The same “irreducible complexity” that applies to Michael Behe’s Mousetrap, and to Dr. Duane Gish and God’s Bombardier Beetle, also applies to the Literal 24-Hour Six Days of Genesis One. 

I challenge anyone, from any profession or lack of same, to disprove the challenge implied in the above title and following statement. 

The Evolutionists assert man’s absence of all necessity in the place he holds in the Darwinian Tree Of Life.  The latest opinion coming from the Darwinian School is that the Tree is better envisioned as a Bush.  In any case, mankind, according to Darwinian Natural Selection, was far from being any kind of necessity for the proper functioning of the Evolutionary Tree or Bush in the Darwinian Scenario for life on Earth. 

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