Friday, June 7, 2013

Attention: Scott Hahn

All the natural sciences are based - for their truth value - on the literal meaning of Genesis 1-11. This includes the immense topographical changes in the Earth and its relations to the cosmos that took place as a result of the Flood, (Genesis 6-11). The science of linguistics must also take into consideration the dispersion of the nations after Babel, described in Genesis 11. All the natural sciences are based on the literal meaning of Genesis. But I do not see any such discussion of Biblical Cosmology and the other sciences in the work of Scott Hahn and his "school", based on a literal Six-Day Creation. The JEDP or Documentary Theory has long since been discredited by Henry M. Morris and most recenlty P.J. Wiseman of Australia, (I think..), and many others. The early chapters of Genesis are structured by a series of eyewitness accounts, from Adam and then Noah - to the sons of Isaac, - the Patriarchs. Please check the search engines on the internet for the sources and full explanations. Look under toledoth.

The first three chapters of Genesis are the basis of all the natural sciences – from Cosmology to Biology. The science of man or human nature is, of course, mainly theological science, and Epistemology is the science of how we know reality.

Scott Hahn has lots of homework to do!

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