Thursday, August 15, 2013

An Open Question to EWTN

Eternal Word Television Network.....since a great deal of your programming consists of interviews by such prominent hosts as Marcies Grodi, Johnette Benkovitz, Colleen Campbell, Father Mitch Pacqua, Father Andrew Apostoli, and others....WHY do you not make it a point to air extensive interviews with representatives of the Traditionalists - of the Protestant Creationists - of the Catholic Creationists - and of the Geocentrists? It seems to me you are failing to report or to represent the REAL state of the Church. In fact, EWTN represents a rather small fraction of the Church, and yet a viewer is given the impression, for example, by Raymond Arroyo, that his news program, THE WORLD OVER, truly gives us a fair view of the entire Catholic world. And yet, this is very far from the truth! 
Traditionalists alone, taking into account members of the SSPX, the SSPV, CMRI and the FSSP, must represent at least 50% of people who call themselves Catholic, and who now are recognized as such, since Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI. How can you ignore such a great number of Catholics, never allowing them to appear on your talk shows. I have given all of your programs a good sampling and I can say, and must say, that they are all incredibly BORING.

I use EWTN - and with gratitude - solely for the Chaplet of Saint Michael with Mother Angelica, the chaplet of Divine Mercy every time it is on, and the rosary, preferably with Mother Angelica, but with the others also...though I do not care for the rosary in English being interrupted by persons speaking in another language. I greatly resent the occasions when these devotions are pre-empted by the filming of the installation of a bishop, or by a foreign cinema. I imagine there are many elderly people like myself - who even depend upon these devotions and greatly miss their absence for the long and tiresome ceremonies of an installation.

As for the Creationists, I can think of no better way to enliven your programming - than to feature some of the popular and fully credentialed scientists from the Institute for Creation Research or Answers in Genesis on some or one of your talk shows. Not just once, but as a continuing series. Contact Hugh Owen of the KOLBE CENTER and Hugh Miller, the paleontologist expert on Carbon 14 dating. Both of these men are devout Catholics. How can EWTN overlook such newsworthy scientists? One segment with Hugh Owen and/or Hugh Miller would be worth far more than a year's worth of programming with those monkeys from the football world called Crossing the Goal. These are grown men?!

God help us!

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