There have been three great catastrophes in the history of the world: the Fall of the Angels – the Fall of Adam and the global deluge of Noah’s time. Even though we know of these catastrophes only from the Divine Revelation of Holy Scripture, all three of them left effects on the physical cosmos that may well and fairly be said to be observable to this present day. It is only the first, the fall of the angels, whose physical effects on the cosmos may be debated. However, consult the epic poem PARADISE LOST, by the 17th century English Puritan, for the summation of traditional references to this historic event. As for the fall of Adam, preceded by that of Eve, we need only consult our own bodies and its extreme vulnerability to disease and injury, to experience first-hand the effects of the Original Sin. As for the effects of the global flood, the evolutionists work hard to obliterate these evidences, such as the Grand Canyon in America – the fossil graveyards found all over the world, and the geological strata themselves, while the Protestant Creationists, and most recently some French Catholic geologists, are demonstrating the strata of the so-called geological column to have formed very rapidly, at most in the space of one year, NOT over eons of time. Flood geology and studies revealing the serious flaws in the processes of radiometric dating of the rocks, the age of the earth and of the cosmos – all of these evidences have the evolutionists, and their worldview, on the defensive.

The biggest problem is the apathy and/or willing ignorance of those who should be defending the creationist cause. These persons are mainly, perhaps even exclusively, men of the Church who have been responsible for propagating those views of Holy Scripture that reduce,especially Genesis 1-11, to the status of non-literal fictions called myths. Since the rise of textual “criticism” – (scrutiny) and rationalism due to the rise of the empirical sciences under the influence of men like Galileo, Sir Francis Bacon, Rene’ Descartes, David Hume and Immanuel Kant, the entire bible, but especially the miracles and catastrophic events of the Old Testament – such as the Universality of the Noachian Flood and the miracles of the Exodus – all such historical events have been denied or explained away by sophistical reasons since the Renaissance, that great and prestigious watershed where all the classics of Greek and Roman literature mingled with the rising sciences of geology and archaeology – with the direct result of calling into question – the credibility of God’s inerrant and infallible Word of Divine Revelation. For such had Holy Scripture been revered by all the Fathers and Doctors of the Church –even by the three most notorious so-called “Reformers” of the Protestant Revolution. For Luther, Calvin and Zwingli, all accepted the plain, literal, historical sense of Genesis 1-11 and all of Scripture, for that matter, except for those parts concerning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Transubstantiation. And it was mainly Martin Luther, the former Augustinian Priest-Monk and pathologically deranged reformer, who instituted the Protestant hatred for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the re-presentation of the Sacrifice of Calvary in all of its un-bloody reality.

And such is the greatest evil of the evolutionary world-view –its detachment, even complete severance of the holy Catholic faith from its deepest roots in these three great catastrophic events recorded in Holy Scripture, especially that of the Original Sin, its connection with Genesis 1-3– and the punishment for consequent sin of the Global Deluge, recorded in Genesis 6-11. The denial of the literal significance of Genesis One cannot be overestimated as to its evil consequences. Not only has such denial deprived the ordinary Catholic of the full meaning of that first Article of the Creed: I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth…..

These words single out God the Father as Creator based on what the early Fathers specified as the special mission of each of the Three Divine Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity. You will notice in the Apostle’s Creed and in the Nicene Creed, how the mission of each Divine Person is identified, even though all three Persons are present in Genesis 1-3. It is imperative that we regain these roots of the Faith in Genesis 1-11. Finally, this divorce of the divine Catholic Faith from its roots in Holy Scripture, has not only deprived the ordinary lay Catholic of knowledge, that is rightfully and even necessarily ours, it has also deprived the Catholic scientist of necessary clues about his physics, chemistry and cosmology. Clues he could not obtain from any other source – unless it be Tradition –especially the Tradition concerning the Geocentricity of the Universe. For this Tradition, we have the Galileo case and the infallible condemnation of the proposition that the earth orbits the sun as formal heresy. This is not only Tradition and Scripture, but also Magisterium, the Catholic’s trinity of certitudes about both the truths of Reason and of Faith.

*** See GALILEO WAS WRONG – THE CHURCH WAS RIGHT, in two volumes by Dr. Robert A. Sungenis and Dr. Robert Bennett. And the invaluable SYNOPSIS, and now a movie!