Monday, January 21, 2013

Forgotten Truths - Part Two

Another forgotten truth is the loving concern and obligation of the Pope - as the good shepherd - to protect the flock of the faithful from harm by condemning and extirpating by clear, positive corrections, all errors, whether in the natural order of the physical sciences, or in the supernatural order of theology. The Church must watch over the conclusions of the physical sciences as well as the speculations of theologians, to protect the faithful from attacks on faith from any source. Model examples of such watchful guardianship in the past are the Galileo case under Pope Urban the VIII, and the Montini judgements against Teilhard de Chardin, under Pope John XXIII. Examples from medieval and earlier times are too numerous to mention and historical research should expose them for our edification and enlightenment.

Another forgotten truth is the magnificent state of original justice and innocence with its preternatural gifts, all of which Adam and Eve, after enjoying for some unknown length of time, foolishly forfeited, preferring the false, counterfeited, lying promises of the fallen angel Lucifer. The perfect human nature and the perfectly suited environment of Eden, were all of such a magnificence - though short of the state of glory, that we can scarcely imagine the happiness our First Parents experienced before they sinned through lack of love for their Creator. Our Lord told a holy, victim soul of the 20th century, that what offends God in all sin is the absence of love. And so it was with Adam and Eve. Their prideful disobedience was above all - a failure of love for our all good and merciful Creator. There is no way in the world, that anyone, even the most convinced Catholic evolutionist, could reconcile the State of Original Justice and Innocence, enjoyed for some time in a real environmental Paradise, with the population of hominids, living on a "prehistoric" earth that eventually produced a hominidal "Adam and Eve". Much work here for theologians to describe the physical traits of paradise and of the real Adam and Eve that lived there absolutely free from all pain and disease, even of the "common cold" or toothache. No such thing before the fall from grace and love for God, their Creator - what ingratitude! How is it possible to fall from such a height? Such a great degree of grace? What a warning to all of us!
Perhaps the first of all forgotten or denied truths, at least theologically, is that Creation is not a process, but an a-temporal act producing, as first infinitely powerful cause, the effects that are His creatures, first substantial forms existing in/with time and place, the universe with Earth as its center. All follows from this central first act or series of acts in the six days of Creation, as narrated in Genesis I. Is there an analogy of the mass with the actual Creation on Day One and following, especially of mankind on Day Six? Transubstantiation is not a process. It is an act, an a-temporal act, producing a substantial change in the substance of the bread (wheat) and wine (grapes), but not any change in its accidents. The substance of bread and of wine becomes the real presence where He was not before. By an act of the substantial Being of Christ, the Word of God, second person of the Blessed Trinity - Body - Blood - Soul - Divinity - Human - Divine Natures in one Divine Person, in a state of glorified immolation, a mystery of the continual sacrifice.
The miraculous of the Divine Sacrifice: 1. Change of substance of bread and wine into Sacred Humanity united with Divinity. 2. The accidental elements of bread and wine remain visibly unchanged. 3. A third miracle is that the elements of bread and wine do remain unchanged because if they obeyed the nature of the Divine Sacrificial Being of God, they would exhibit both the glorified and the sacrificial marks of Christ's Eucharistic or new sacramental Being. But they do not. They remain suspended with no substantial form in which to ???  - unless it may be said they return to the last substantial form of the inanimate body of the universe.   
But this is the miracle - the elements do not return to the inanimate state of the universe where they would quickly corrupt, but rather they remain as if in adoration of the Divine Sacramental Being suspended in the immediate atmosphere. That they are not immediately glorified and sacrificially immolated showing blood and flesh is the third miracle (as happened at Luciano).

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