Sunday, January 13, 2013

Main Principles of Creation

Creation is an Act of God. It is never a Process. Processes happen only after the Act of Creation. Form precedes Function. Creation is not a Miracle but the establishment of the Order that all miracles presuppose.

Note: Discussion of the impossibility of a state of pure nature (see the work of Garigou-Lagrange, O.P. on Grace) ---- brings up the thorny issue of salvation without baptism by water or the sacrament of baptism which is received only by water. Pope Pius IX discussed invincible ignorance and the natural law in Quanta Cura and left the issue to the mercy of God. (See this writer's paper on Conversations with...Father Feeney.)

Invincible ignorance does not save according to St. Thomas - only faith - and in the case of "savages" - never reached by missionaries, the observance of the natural law and desire to do God's will may suffice for salvation. Check my papers and St. Thomas on this.

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