Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Two Catastrohic Events

Dec 25th, 2012 – O Holy Night – O Night Divine

There are two catastrophic events that cannot be forgotten in any description of present day physics and chemistry, zoology or biology, geophysics or cosmology, because both of these events, in one way or another, had radically lasting effects on our present world. There are really three such events, but the first can be seen as a part of the second one.These events are: 1. The fall of the angels with the creation of hell in the midst of earth.2. The fall of Adam and Eve. 3. The universal deluge.And the necessary backdrop, as it were, - that which all three events presuppose, is the existence of God and His creation, ex nihilo and in toto, in Six Days, of the universe, of all things visible and invisible, in a state of perfection.Since the nine planets circling the sun today are not mentioned in the Creation narration of Genesis 1-3, but are mentioned in scriptives of events after the flood, I suggest that these planets, scarred as some are, and icy – as the rings of Saturn, may have taken their present positions and irregular orbits as a result either of the Fall of the Angels and the creation of hell – the cosmic upheavals caused by Adam’s fall, or the cosmic effects of the Universal Noachian Deluge.


These are but the most spectacular external effects of the Original Sin, of angels and of man.Two main parts to be noted: 1. The terrible – really incomprehensible malice of those sins and the offense given to so good and gracious a God.2. If the external effects were such, what must have been and continue to be the interior effects, both physical and spiritual?

Seeing the effects of sin also helps us to understand, somewhat, more fully, the perfection of the Original Creation, both cosmic and terrestrial, inanimate and animate.It should also help us to honor more devoutly, the perfection of Our Lord’s human nature and that of His Immaculate Mother, Mary.Neither one of them could suffer any internal disorder. Physical suffering had to be imposed upon them from without and with their consent.We cannot even imagine, therefore, the intensity and magnitude of the spiritual sufferings they both willingly endured for our redemption.These interior sufferings alone were of such magnitude, to have merited for our Blessed Lady the title of Co-Redemptrix; whereas Our Lord took upon Himself the maximum degree of human suffering that His perfect human nature could accept – all imposed upon His Sacred Body from without – so that every drop His most Precious Blood was shed – for our redemption.What He could not suffer – the spiritual effects of sin, it is for us to make up what is of necessity – lacking in His Passion, as St. Paul says.(Colossians 1:24) He could not, for example, suffer the nervous tensions, the interior passions and their somatic effects that the chronically angry person suffers, - the fomenting resentment, etc, of the chronic melancholic, the chronic mood swings of the bi-polar schizophrenic. These sufferings, when recognized for what the are, which is the effect and sources of sin and embraced with love, healing all vice with God's grace - in this way we can make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ. Or so it seems to me.

Only the biological scientist can accurately enumerate all the disorders in the cells that cause the countless diseases to which we are prone. These disorders are called mutations and they are increasing with time. (See the excellent work by Dr. James Sanford on the human genome and its heading toward extinction!) (Let Father Gruner and his associates pay more attention to what is going on in the sciences. (Hugh Owen of Kolbe Center distributes it.)

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