Friday, September 27, 2013

A Special Note

The National Catholic Reporter for August 30 thru Sept. 12 of 2013, on page 23, continues an extensive report by Jamie Manson, of Pope Francis’ remarks on women. Reporter Jamie Manson says that the Pope’s words about women were “spirit-breaking”. And “the idea that we need a deeper theology of women is remarkable…” Manson claims that women theologians have been doing just that for the last two decades. However, I submit that there has been no return to the sources in Genesis during this post-Vatican II era. I offer the following meditations as an attempt, at least, to initiate such a return to the foundations. Everything presupposes Creation, especially the account of the Creation of Woman in Genesis 2:/8-25. (Note: Paula’s next contribution to the blog, which she speaks of above, is very long and will be added in parts.) Thank You!

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