In August of 1897, just about six weeks before her death, St. Therese said: “It is only in Heaven that we will see the whole truth about everything. This is impossible on earth…” (Last Conversations, Page 132)

She went on to lament so many different translations of the Scriptures. She said had she been a priest, she would have learned Hebrew and Greek in order to know “the real text dictated by the Holy Spirit.” In this same book of her “Last Conversations”,on page 257, St. Therese confided to Mother Agnes of Jesus, (her sister Pauline), that “later, unceasingly making new advances, science will explain everything naturally: we shall have the absolute reason for everything that exists and that still remains a problem, because there remain very many things to be discovered, etc..etc..” Apparently, she said much more which Mother Agnes did not record. She saw such thoughts as temptations against the Faith. Mother Agnes said: She added that she never reasoned with these thoughts. “ I undergo them under diuress, but while undergoing them I never cease making acts of Faith.”

Thanks to the true science, the real science-as-knowledge, widely published by the Protestant Creationists in defense of creation, especially in toto and in defense of the universality of the Noahian Deluge just some 4,000 years ago, our supernatural, divine Catholic Faith is still able to point to empirical, that is demonstrably physical evidences of the literal truth of Genesis One. I must hasten to add that only Catholic – Robert Sungenis has presented the irrefutable evidences for a geocentric cosmos – an important doctrine the Protestant Creationists still hesistate to affirm. I pray that the Sungenis-Bennett monumental study, GALILEO WAS WRONG, THE CHURCH WAS RIGHT, will convince them of the necessity for a geocentric cosmology in order to have a coherent creation science and theology.

What so many people fail to understand, is that divine Faith is rooted in nature; grace builds on nature; the supernatural order of Divine Grace requires the natural order, which is the formal object of the various natural sciences, such as physics, chemistry – all the life or biological sciences, and at the top, astronomy and cosmology. Mathematics, including geometry and logic, are but tools of all the sciences. Unfortunately, today’s mathematics is exalted as a science – whereas it is not. Its formal object is quantity, but separated from the substance in which quantity as an accidental category must inhere, mathematics is but an intellectual exercise, a game, as Lewis Carroll fully realized. (Lewis Carroll wrote ALICE IN WONDERLAND,and invented many games.) But the entire natural order has been captured and occupied by the false science of evolutionism – in all the branches of real science. This ideology pretends to tell us and to explain, as St. Therese predicted, all events and objects of the natural order, without any reference to God as Creator. The truths of Creation are truths accessible to human reason, but only by those intellectually gifted, even naturally, for the intellectual virtues of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, are first of all, natural virtues, as are prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude. (See Matthew Sheeben –THE MYSTERIES OF CHRISTIANITY and Garigou-Lagrange, - THE THREE AGES OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE, etc.

I recall a great apologist and defender of Carmelite Spirituality, Dr. Gore Morales, pointing out quite emphatically, “How can you hope to have the supernatural virtue of prudence, if you do not first have the natural virtue of prudence? The one is rooted in the other. It is fair to say that both the natural and the supernatural gifts are absolutely necessary for those theologians called to teach and to preach the truths of Faith and of Reason. One might look in vain for such teachers today. I strongly suspect the very young priest on EWTN, who presents “Dogmatic Theology”,by playing with his dog on the green grass of the lawn….This young man is not the kind of theologian St. Thomas insisted must always preserve the entire faith explicitly. The point to be emphasized here, is that divine Catholic faith cannot exist in a vacuum, that is, separated from the certain truths of the natural order such as:

Geocentricity – which means a cosmology with a fixed –immobile earth at its center.

An Order of Generation that preserves the Order of Creation, (the Six Days), by preserving the Substantial Forms of the Order of Creation, (the Six Days). 
Included in a complete cosmology is the natural order, which includes the practical laws governing marriage and all forms of sexuality, i.e., morality.

How can there be, for example, a sound and/or orthodox practice of medicine without belief in the existence, immateriality or spirituality and immortality of the human soul present in its body from the moment of conception? How can there be any moral order, unless the institution of marriage is recognized as made by God in Genesis One and confirmed by Jesus Christ, and raised by Him to the Order of Sacramental Grace at Cana? How can there possibly be any question concerning the abominable practice of homosexuality, given the abundant scriptural examples and the Church’s constant teaching? To condone such perversion is the ultimate triumph of evil over good and the collapse of all civil order, temporarily.

Kyrie, eleison.