Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paula Responds to Comment by a Reader

That is very true what the reader says in his comment: “Evolution is not compatible with a fixed Natural Law.” She continues: “Evolution, in fact, along with Copernicism, destroys the entire Natural Order. 
Dear Adrian Dulston: I use the Dominican English edition of the Summa in Three Volumes. I am not a Latinist either. The unity of the sciences will only come about when individual scientists realize the formal object of their science, and practice it in the right place in the hierarchy of reality. Everything presupposes Creation, as the ancient Greeks hung everything from the gods in the Great Chair of Being. (See my Study “FROM THE BEGINNING.)
The first principles of all knowledge are apparently lost to us today. And yet, the science of metaphysics provides all the necessary principles for the unity of all knowledge. Again, everything presupposes Creation. In my opinion, someday the Church will completely anathematize the Second Vatican Council on the grounds that it was entirely motivated and informed by the "law" of evolution, which was to change or die. See the encyclical "Pascendi" by Pope Saint Pius X - who said that the "law" of evolution was the principal doctrine of the Modernists. The Church was taken over by Modernists at Vatican II, with lots of help from the Masons and the Jews. 
Thank you for your interest.
Paula Haigh

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