Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Apology - Part Three

Stop and ponder this metaphysical certitude. It is no hypothetical possibility! It is absolute fact that if there were only possibles or contingent, conditioned realities, then there would be no existing beings at all! Which is absurd, as St. Thomas says, because obviously we exist! This is the given, that even the evolutionists must admit, though they cheat when they do so, because their theory denies this first principle of existence.

However, the reason why the universe of merely possibles is absurd is because, and this also is a given, a metaphysical fact - nothing, that is, no thing comes into being except by some being already in act, in existence. The argument is thus two-pronged:

My (your) existence -- God as Primary Agent (Act) and Cause

My (you) Parents as secondary causes, Agents in act.

Going from St. Thomas to Father Spitzer is like descending into a quagmire with only the hypothetical possibilities of ever emerging into the light of day and the terra firma of earth and the certitudes of reason and of faith.

Thus what Father Spitzer claims to prove as the existence of "at least One Unconditioned Reality", St. Thomas proves the absolute necessity of One, and only One Absolute Necessary Being, and this Being we call God.

Now is perhaps a good point at which to bring out another fault in Father Spitzer's universe of discourse. It concerns the natural order and the supernatural order of Divine Grace. I will save this for the next paper.

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