Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Harm Done by Newtonian Physics: Part Three

This is the first and most manifest way of St. Thomas for proving God's Existence (St, I, of 2, a 3) and creation ex nihilo.  Father Spitzer does not help his atheistically-tending students by muddling the clarity of real physical laws with such fictional abstractions as Newton's agent-less processes and films run backwards.  To suggest that the actions represented in film run backwards could ever be actually possible in the real world, is insanely absurd.  It is the domain of the merely mental, divorced from reality.  And is this not the definition of insanity? 

As for time, it is as Aristotle defined it:  the measure of motion.  Now, to measure requires an intelligent agent.  And God Himself gave us the moving objects by which to measure, and their motion as the temporality to measure.  The movements of the sun, moon and stars determine for us the temporal segments of day, night, month and year.  God Himself determined the week by creating all things in a series of a-temporal Acts on six literal - 24 hour days.  He reiterated this pattern of the week and confirmed it for all time when He gave the Ten Commandments as recorded in the Book of Exodus. 

History and its biological rhythms of all corporeal creatures reflect in the natural order what God revealed by supernatural means in Holy Scripture.  Thus teach all the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.  Such is the irreversible and immutable Tradition of the Church embodied in the Deposit of Faith from the beginning, in creeds and in the abundant Hexaemeral literatures. 

Everything presupposes Creation. 

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