Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Certitude: An Attempt to Clarify...Part Four

To introduce Probabalism into the proofs for God's existence is to strike a blow against both faith and reason in the name of Modernism's Agnosticism and this will undoubtedly be condemned at some future date by the Church.  Meanwhile, Traditionalist Catholics must cling to the certitudes of both reason and faith.  For it is a mortal sin against Faith to doubt of any truth of faith.  And it is at least a sin againt Truth as such, to doubt one's own existence and then to doubt God's existence.  For Our Lord said emphatically, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," and to Pilate:  For this was I born, for this came I into the world, to give Testimony of the Truth.  It was Pilate and modern man who questioned God Himself with his contemptuous agnosticism when he said:  And What is Truth?

It's all a matter of priorities, which is to say of hierarchy:  The intellect is higher than and is superior to the will because the will is a blind faculty.  It must follow what the intellect shows it.  The intellect was made for Truth which is its proper object; whereas the will was made for the Good, its proper object. 

Plato, and all those in his tradition, emphasize the will and the subjective aspects of reality, whereas St. Thomas, following Aristotle, emphasized the intellect and its superiority.  History and reality prove him to be correct.  But Father Spitzer tries to "blend" faith and reason without respect to their proper order. 

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