Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Harm Done by Newtonian Physics: One Example

In his book,  New Proofs for the Existence of God (Eerdmans, 2010), Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer translates the absolute, non-relative Second Law of Thermodynamics into a probabalistic or relative "law", reducing it to the domain of inductive probability.  But in reality, this Law of Entropy is a reflective application in the physical world of an absolute metaphysical principle involving act and potency.  Such a disastrous departure from truth in the sciences was brought about largely by Isaac Newton and his so-called "laws of motion."  On pages 24 and following of his book on New Proofs, Father Spitzer is explaining the Second Law of Thermodynamics and its relation to time.

Now any explanation of processes necessarily involves a consideration of motion, and motion or movement cannot be properly understood without reference to the agents doing and the passive beings receiving the motion and thus being changed.  Father Spitzer begins with the example of the soda pop in a bottle.  When the bottle is opened, the gas is released until the pressure inside the bottle and that of the air outside are the same.  What is left out of this example is the absolute necessity for an agent to hold and then release the gas in the bottle by opening it. 

One cannot and may not, in truth, describe this process without the presence of an agent holding and opening the bottle of soda pop.  But Newton never acknowledges the necessity for an agent!  Thus, his "laws" are not laws at all but purely fictional abstractions playing around real objects.


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