The angels have no bodies. The elements have no souls. The existence of these two kinds of beings requires, in the most absolute way, the existence of God the Creator - to act immediately, directly! Whereas all other creatures, having bodies, can pass on their material forms by generation. Thus, plants and animals, having only material souls which are principles of motion, pass on their substantial forms by reproduction in the Order of Generation, but only God can create the substantial form and this He did during the Six Days of Creation by His successive a-temporal transcendent acts, just as narrated in Genesis One. Mankind is the only exception here because man's soul is spiritual, which means, rational. Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2:7, both indicate that mankind is special, requiring a special creation of both a material-natural creation and a supernatural life of divine Grace. Animals and plants have absolutely no capacity for this divine life of Grace because their "souls" are merely natural and material. They do differ quite radically from the elements which have no interior principle of motion, but must be acted upon by some external agent in act. This also proves that the elements are but accidental forms of some larger substance, which is responsible for their operations. The hierarchy of being is very evident when we examine all the creatures that God created in the Six Days of Creation - and when we look at them in the order in which they were created.