Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Catholic Contribution and Our Lady's Plan for Peace

Somewhere in his poetry, T.S. Eliot speaks of "my end is in my beginning." He got this metaphysical principle most probably from some late medieval mystic such as Juliana of Norwich, to whom he was especially devoted. The ultimate source is in Aristotle's Four Causes which St. Thomas elevated to the supernatural order in his Summa. It was St. Augustine who defined peace as the tranquility of order. This being so, the Catholic contribution is much more than any one contributory part: it is the Whole Plan for Order - from whence alone issues that peaceful tranquility that will only come about when Our Lady's requests at Fatima are obeyed - just as she specified. Order means a structure in which the individual entities function as they were intended to or as they should. Order, at the lowest level, is inescapably MORAL.

The moral order flows directly from the higher, metaphysical and theological truths of Reason and of Faith - not in a democratically arranged dichotomons or symmetrical kind of "order" - but in a hierarchically arranged structure of grades of perfection. (St. Thomas' 4th Way). Our Lady's Plan for Peace can be realized in no other way than in this Catholic hierarchical way - in which a truly Catholic Theology functions at the summit of reality showing forth the Order of Creation, that is preserved intact and acts as the stabilizing principle for all things in the temporal Order of Generation. How does this relate to Russia and her errors? Russia was the first nation to fall into schism back in the 12th century or before. Russia was the first nation to make atheism an official part of its national constitution. Both schism and atheism have spread throughout the world since 1917. Russia was also the first nation to legalize abortion. All moral, rational and supernatural evils follow from the disunity of schism and the irrationality of atheism. Only an atheistic mentality preceded by the schismatic mentality of failing to recognize the Roman Papacy as the one principle of unity for the entire world - can bring about such an amoral and barbaric mentality that sees abortion, homosexuality, so-called "gay" marriages, and the evils of pornography as natural or normal.

This is committment to insanity - the definition of which is loss of contact with reality. "Our end is in our beginning." This is because when God created all things in the Beginning, His divine intention and purpose or end...was first - His own glory - but secondly, the happiness of His creatures. We can only be really happy when we realize, in our own lives, that tranquility of Order - which is peace. And so, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will ensure the conversion of that nation in the healing of its schism from Rome and in the acceptance of the divine Catholic faith that fulfills all the truths, both of reason and of the supernatural - thus healing her atheism. Russia will thence become the primary missionary nation - evangelizing the rest of the world. Her missionaries will be great Apostles of Creation, based on a Theology of Creation, that corrects and replaces all the errors of the current evolutionary modernism with a Catholic Science, that is geocentric in cosmology and in biology, based on the immutability of the substantial forms created during the Six Days of the Creation Week. Anyone can see how much work has yet to be done in order to replace the current evolutionary worldview, with true Catholic cosmology and biology and a Catholic Science and Theology of Creation. 

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