Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Remarks on MEP, Mario Borghesio's Second Speech (Fatima Crusader)

These remarks refer to the Fatima Crusader of Winter 2013, pages 52 etc…

Mr. Borghezio proposes to introduce a “free culture in opposition to the dominant, mainstream one which is homogenizing information and politics to a “pensee unique” – a single thought in which everyone thinks the same.” This “pensee unique” can be specified more clearly as an evolutionary world view, in which all things are becoming, and therefore, there are no real, stable beings and norms of behavior. In this fictional, unreal world of perpetual becoming, all things reduce to an equality and “everyone thinks the same”. This is the democratic utopia of modern politics wherein everyone is supposedly equal in every way and all intellectual values and positions are equally “good” because it is yours. It is a glorification of the subjective.

But it goes against the principle upon which God created all things and that in the Principles of Hierarchy. What Mr. Borghezio refers to as “real freedom”, I prefer to define as the hierarchical grades of perfection – wherein each kind of being is and enjoys its own created nature. We observe the plants of the vegetative kingdom thriving each according to its kind, just as God created them on Day Three of Creation Week. St. Thomas also uses this hierarchical structure of reality as the 4th of his 5 ways of demonstrating God’s existence. Each kind of being in its own created grade of perfection enjoys and practices the freedom that Mr. Borghezio describes as something we must fight to preserve. This same inequality that we observe in the plant kingdom, from lowly daisy and violet to soaring California Redwood, we also observe among the animals and mankind. The ideal society is one in which each individual is free to realize his created potential. Let women cultivate their various talents within the domain, which is specifically hers, of the domestic family unit. And let men freely seek to contribute their God-given gifts to society at large. Very few men are truly gifted in the area of public leadership and governmental administration. Those who are will naturally seek such positions, and they should be free to do so, all other things considered. It is for the Church in union with Heads of State – to oversee the moral order of society.


The ancients, especially Aristotle and his medieval followers, have much to teach us about what constitutes a civilization and society according to the laws of the Creator. Today, the modernist’s evolutionary worldview obscures the true Order of Creation – and this is why the world descends more and deeply into the abyss of moral depravity. I join my prayers and sacrifices with all those of the Fatima Crusade for the success of the petitions to the Pope for the consecration.


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