Monday, March 25, 2013

The Hidden Connection

 I think Father Gruner has perhaps inadvertantly, but nonetheless, accurately, hit upon the hidden connection between Our Blessed Lady's Fatima Message and the natural sciences - these latter being so prominent, even dominating, in our society today. In the Fatima Crusader, (Winter 2013), Father Gruner is replying to a question put to him by members of his own organization. He is asked why non-believing members of Parliament can be expected to take his proposal seriously. Besides their having nothing to lose and everything to gain, he points out that it is beginning to dawn on some European leaders that the European Union has no solid, unifying principle...-- a unifiying principle that only the Catholic faith can provide. They have tried to build a united Europe on economic cooperation and a common currency. But obviously, this effort is failing "big time", as Father Gruner asserts, most truly.

The unifying principle to which Father Gruner refers, can come only from a higher science than either politics or economics. It must come from a theological science that is supported by the natural sciences whose objects reflect the truth about reality and its structure. Today, what theology there is to guide all the other sciences, is a false theology or better, an ideology of evolutionism and a philosophy of becoming. Such a theology and such a philosophy are simply not Catholic. They are not only false, but diabolically conceived, as is evident by the increasing moral degradation of society. The only theology and its supporting philosophy capable of providing the one true unifying principle is the Catholic philosophical theology of creation found in the Hexaemera of the Fathers and summed up by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa.

Everything presupposes Creation; and a political economy that deviates from and even denies the truths established by God in the Order of Creation, simply cannot work, as is increasingly obvious. The Order of Creation requires all heads of state, in obedience to the Law of God as taught by His Church, to acknowledge God's sovereignty, in Jesus Christ as King, and to worship God, according to His Will, made known by His Church. The Church throughout time has taught men the Will of God in the temporal areas of government and morality. There is no lack of intellectual knowledge. It is the will of modern man that must be touched and turned back towards God the Creator, and upwards towards the proper order for all things temporal and eternal.

May modern man respond to the call of Our Lady, the Mother of God, before it is too late. As our true Mother, she wants only our real and true good!

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